Collective Action Makes Change: BCGEU Win

Shared on behalf of BCGEU

Breaking news – RainCity has agreed to release the retro pay their workers are owed on September 28, making Lookout the last major organization to be withholding retro pay. 

As many of you know, six months after ratification of the collective agreement, Lookout Housing Society had still not paid their workers the retro wages they were owed. Lookout members decided to do something about it and started organizing a rally for next week.
Within hours of our union announcing that we intended to rally outside Lookout headquarters to demand transparency and the immediate payment of retroactive wages and benefits, the Employer provided clear dates for payment in the coming weeks.
This is a huge victory for our members and a direct result of your willingness to take action. To everyone who said they would attend and stand together, thank you!
A special thank you goes out to the Masoud Aminzavvar (Local 803 Chair), Shelley Einarson (Local 804 Acting Chair), Charmaine Fines (Local 802 Chair), Parm Deol (Component Executive 804), and Sandu Constantinescu (Component Executive 803).
These Executive members volunteered many hours to organize the rally that was planned.
This victory proves once again that when we fight, we win.

In Solidarity,  Component 8 Executive