It’s confirmed: PSAC members went on strike.

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It’s confirmed: PSAC members went on strike today.

These workers deliver essential services day in and day out. They are hard-working maintenance workers, food inspectors, cleaners, and cooks. They are the people we rely on for our passports and that guide us through Employment Insurance applications.  

Like all workers, they’re being pushed to the brink. They’re being gouged on prices and exploited on wages, and they’re looking for a fair deal from the federal government so they can make ends meet.

If you agree that the government should work to raise people up, join a picket line in solidarity with striking PSAC workers.

These workers have been without a contract for two years. Two years of falling further behind sky-high inflation, soaring grocery bills, and rising housing costs.

While the government’s revenues rose with inflation, these workers’ wages didn’t. The government can afford to treat their employees fairly – and as the largest employer in Canada, should make a reasonable offer that sets a fair bar for all workers in Canada.

Show your solidarity by joining your nearest picket line:

Other ways to show your support:

  • Share PSAC’s social media posts with your own messages of solidarity using the hashtag #WorkersCantWait
  • Bring food or drinks for the picketers
  • Honk when you pass a picket line to show support

Avoid crossing a picket line if possible. This is one of the biggest strikes in Canadian history – and you can be a part of it. If you must cross the picket line, please locate a picket captain and they will coordinate your access.

In solidarity with striking workers everywhere,

– Bea