Protecting the welfare, professional interest, and working conditions of KFA members

Kwantlen Faculty Association publishes an occasional newsletter protecting the welfare, professional interest, and working conditions of KFA members.

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Getting to Know Your Collective Agreement
Faculty Late Payments, Underpayments, and Correct Pay Calculation 
By Diane Walsh, VP Grievances Hello KFA Members! I hope the fall is progressing nicely for you whether you are in a teaching or non-teaching portion of your schedule. Late more
Cautions and Caveats About Taking Leaves Part II: Unpaid Leaves & Benefit Coverage 
By Mark Diotte   If you decide to take an unpaid leave of absence, you should know a few things beforehand. One of the most important of these is your more
What’s the difference between an NR1 and an NR2 appointment? 
By Romy Kozak, Past KFA Member-at-Large NR2 appointments are generally preferable to NR1 appointments in employment terms: they guarantee at least 50% annualized workload and include vacation, PD time, and more
PD/Vacation Facts for Faculty Members Teaching in Three Semesters 
by Diane Walsh, KFA Vice President, Grievances Scheduling vacation and PD time can be a challenge for those who teach in all three semesters, and even knowing what the parameters more
What Can We Grieve? 
By Diane Walsh, Vice-President, Grievances The KFA is charged with the responsibility, as representatives of the membership, to defend our working conditions. Filing and pursuing grievances is an important part more
Election Season at KPU 
By Panteli Tritchew, Member-At-Large ELECTION SEASON AT KPU Spring is in the air, and it’s election season at Kwantlen Polytechnic University! While our elections may lack the drama of Sanders more
This impacts us all: the mysteries of work assignment, de-mystified 
By Diane Walsh, VP-Grievances The assignment of work, especially for non-regular faculty members, can seem like a great mystery, and it is a somewhat complex business. Work assignments are one more
Moving from Non-Regular to Regular Status: Routes to Regularization 
By Diane Walsh, VP Grievances The one question KFA non-regular members ask most often is: “How do I become a regular faculty member?” It’s easy to understand why a member more
Vacation and Accountable Time 
By Diane Walsh, VP-Grievances Vacation and accountable time are topics that always seem to generate a lot of questions from faculty members: what are the differences between vacation days and more
By Diane Walsh, VP-Grievances Two of the purposes of the KFA, according to our Constitution, are to “Protect the welfare, professional interests, and working conditions of its members,” and to more
KFActs FAQ: About Retirement 
By Betty Cunnin, Member-at-Large At some point, you might decide you’d like to retire from KPU. Retirement is a time of transition that encompasses many career, financial, health, and life more
KFActs: Accommodations, Short-Term Disability, and Manulife 
By Rachelle Hollaway, Member-at-Large This article will help you understand the role that Manulife plays in some accommodation requests and all Short-Term Disability claims. For general information about 30 days’ more
KFActs: Working Post-65 and Benefits Coverage 
By Rachelle Hollaway, Member-at-Large It is becoming more common for faculty members to work past the traditional age of retirement. While the majority of benefits remain the same, faculty members more
KFActs: Important Information about Overpayments 
By Rachelle Hollaway, Member-at-Large Over the past few years, several faculty members have been asked to pay back money due to overpayment errors. Some common errors include workload percentage errors, more
KFActs: Getting to Know Your New Collective Agreement: 2019-2022 
By Rachelle Hollaway, Member-At-Large The KFA-KPU 2019-2022 Collective Agreement was ratified by the membership on July 10, 2020. The following is a summary of important changes relevant to KFA members. more
What If I Get Sick? Sick Leave, and Short-term and Long-term Disability Leaves 
By Diane Walsh, Member-At-Large Sick leave and disability leave provisions in the Collective Agreement help protect KFA members’ rights and serve to ensure people are treated fairly throughout their employment, more
KFActs FAQ: When Should I ask for KFA Representation? 
By Mark Diotte It happens. All of us, from time to time, are called into our Dean or Supervisor’s Office. Sometimes, the subject of discussion is something positive—an opportunity that more
KFActs: The KFA, Research, & Scholarly Activity. Part II: Protections & Other Provisions 
By Mark Diotte Aside from the Collective Agreement provisions on funding sources for research and scholarly activity discussed in Part I, the KFA has negotiated or advocated for provisions to more
KFActs: The KFA, Research, & Scholarly Activity. Part I: Funding 
By Mark Diotte One of the questions often brought to the Kwantlen Faculty Association office is, “What is the KFA position on research and scholarly activity?” The response is clear: more
Who Can Access Your Email? Custody and Control of Faculty Records 
By Mark Diotte   A significant portion of all faculty communication takes place through email, and using email to reach out to students, to transfer files, to set up meetings, more
Cutting ESL at Kwantlen: A Decision that is Both Wrong and Wrong-Headed 
By Diane Walsh, Member-At-Large “The essence of what we argue for as educators, what we care for as a humanity, would be deemed insignificant if we ignore all of our more
Cautions and Caveats About Taking Leaves: Part 1 
By Panteli Tritchew, Past Member-At-Large “Relax, said the night man, We are programmed to receive. You can check-out any time you like, But you can never leave.”   KPU isn’t more