Asking for KFA Representation

Dear faculty;

As faculty, many of us enjoy very positive working relationships with administrators at KPU, including our Deans and Associate Deans.  There are times when we need to have frank and open conversations with our administrators.  Quite often, these can be enjoyable and personable chats.  However, there are times when your Dean or Associate Dean might reach out to you to talk, and you are not sure of the reason for the chat, or you do know, and you are not sure what it might mean for you.

If you are ever invited to a meeting with your Dean or Associate Dean and you are unsure of the reason why, always feel free to ask about the subject of the meeting before accepting the invitation.  Importantly, whether you know or don’t know what the meeting is about, or if you are concerned that the meeting may be related to the resolution of a dispute, be it formal or informal, the KFA wants you to know that Article 17.04 in our KFA-KPU Collective Agreement secures your right to be given every opportunity to have a Union Representative with you at the meeting.

To learn more about when you should ask for KFA Representation and the Collective Agreement,  read this KFacts Article.

Betty Cunnin, KFA Member-at-Large