Representation at meetings with the Dean’s office

Hello KFA Members,

A number of our faculty members have reported that they have been called into their Dean’s office for “an informal chat” that became something different. If you have received such an invitation, there are a number of things you should be aware of.

It is important to ask upfront for the subject of this proposed meeting to ensure the meeting is not about an issue that could potentially end in possible discipline.

If this planned “informal chat” is about any student complaints or teaching concerns, we advise that you ask for KFA representation. It is vitally important that you are protected by a KFA representative should the nature of the informal chat change to a more aggressive investigation of facts which can lead to discipline. You have the right to have a KFA representative present in these discussions, and this right is enshrined in our Collective Agreement. It is not an escalation to want to have support that you are entitled to have.

Should you find yourself in a meeting with the Dean’s office where the nature of the meeting goes from a casual, informal chat to something more serious and potentially disciplinary in nature, we advise you to ask to reschedule this meeting with KFA representation. You DO NOT have to answer questions at that point, until a KFA representative can join you. You can simply state that you need to contact the KFA for advice on this topic before responding.

In Solidarity,

Your KFA