The KFA regarding PLAR and Microcredential Policies

Dear KFA Members,

The KFA joins in solidarity with faculty members who have concerns surrounding proposed Policy AC6 Recognition of Prior Learning and a proposed policy on microcredentials.

As these policies have the potential to conflict with faculty member working conditions, including our rights to program and curriculum development, revision, and assessment work at KPU, the KFA has requested a stakeholder meeting to consult with the policy developer(s) regarding these issues and faculty member concerns.

We welcome your input into this stakeholder meeting. If you have particular concerns that you would like us to raise, please email us in response to this message, or leave us a note at

We encourage all members to make your voices heard through the existing channels of communication and academic governance. These include writing comments on the policy blog:; the passing of motions at your Department meetings and Faculty Councils; and voicing concerns to your Senate representatives.


In solidarity,

Bob Davis, Diane Walsh, Raphael Lagoutin, Romy Kozak, Mark Diotte & Betty Cunnin