Update on Over-Enrollments


Our situation with the imposed over-enrollments is becoming more clear, and it is not a pleasant view. 

The approximate over-enrollment numbers are 303 sections and a total of 658 extra students in classes. This is not a marginal encroachment on our Collective Agreement rights; this is an egregious violation of the terms of our Agreement. 

Faculty and students are struggling with challenging and difficult circumstances. I thank all those of you who have taken the time to contact us and let us know your situation. Please keep us updated on how things are going for you.

So what actions are we taking? 

Last Friday, we had our first grievance meeting with the Employer. Because this is a large scale general issue, we have filed a single policy grievance on behalf of the whole membership. Policy grievances begin at Step 2 of the grievance process. The Employer was represented at Step 2 by Sal Ferreras. 

I would characterize the grievance meeting as extremely difficult. The Employer took the position that they have the right to do what they have done despite the fact our registration limits have been established and respected ever since the very first KFA (at that time KCFA) Collective Agreement, and despite the fact the Employer acknowledged they do not have this right by bringing it to us in bargaining two rounds ago and again earlier this year at LMRC. 

The Employer must respond by the 25th. Given the approach of the Employer in the grievance meeting, I am not optimistic that they will see the reasonableness of our position. We will continue through the grievance process as far as we have to. 

In addition to the grievance, we are seeking support through our provincial organization, the Federation of Postsecondary Educators. We will be presenting a special resolution to the AGM this week. Through FPSE, we also will be seeking support from our federal organization, Canadian Association of University Teachers. 

And finally, thanks so much for all the encouraging words in email, on the phone, in the hallways and in the KFA office. We appreciate your support in this difficult time. 

In solidarity,

Diane Walsh,

on behalf of Bob Davis, Raphael Lagoutin, Suzanne Pearce, and Romy Kozak, Table Officers of the KFA