WorkSafe and Working from Home

Sent on behalf of KFA Table Officers

Important Notice for all KFA members:
For those of you who have received home health and safety forms or checklists from the Employer, or who have seen these documents on Sharepoint via the recent Today@ message, we advise you to please NOT COMPLETE AND RETURN THESE FORMS. If you have already completed and returned such forms to the Employer, we advise you to rescind them in writing to the same person to whom you sent them.
The advice of the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators, our provincial federation, is not to complete these kinds of forms, as the requirement by the Employer to do so constitutes a violation of the BC Labour Relations Code.
The KFA has been in discussion with the Employer, and we have advocated that instead of these kinds of forms, the Employer engage in a supportive and educational approach to assisting faculty ensure our homes are safe working spaces.  Such an approach does not require completing, signing, and sending back forms or checklists.
We also want to assure you that you will remain covered by WorkSafe regardless whether you fill out and return these forms or not.
Stay well, and please feel free to contact us with any further questions.
In solidarity,
Your KFA
Bob Davis
Diane Walsh
Raphael Lagoutin
Mark Diotte
Romy Kozak
Betty Cunnin