Standing Up For Access At KPU

The ongoing lack of stability and successive cuts and threats of cuts to the Faculty of Academic and Career Advancement (FACA), specifically to the ELST and ACP departments, has led your KFA to continue with this campaign. We will continue to fight to ensure education is prioritized not marginalized in this institution, and we will continue to advocate for the maintenance of educational offerings. This campaign is called:


Standing Up For Access At KPU

This site will give you up-to-date information on the situation, tell you what has been done so far, and offer suggestions for what you can do to help.

First, here is a summary of events around the original cuts:

  • The Canadian federal government made a decision to cancel the Canada-BC Immigration Agreement effective April 1, 2014
  • This agreement included transfer funds to cover ESL delivery in public post-secondary institutions
  • The BC provincial government made a decision to pass on the transfer funding cuts to the public post-secondary institutions in BC and the total cut for BC post-secondary institutions was about $17M
  • $1.35M in funding for Kwantlen was cut by the BC government and the funding was identified as being for ESL for domestic students (Canadian citizens, permanent residents and refugees)
  • Kwantlen administration made a decision to pass on the whole amount of the cut directly to FACA and directly as student section cuts for domestic ELST offerings
  • At the same time, offerings in ELST for international students will be maintained and increased
  • Revenue from international student enrollments in ELST is not being used to support access for domestic ELST students
  • 98 sections have been cut for domestic ESL students–over 1 600 student classroom spaces affecting about 600 individual students
  • 12 regular faculty members originally were issued layoff notices; 10 in ELST and 2 in ACP
  • The 2 layoffs in ACP have been rescinded as the number of sections scheduled to be offered in ACP was the same year over year, so layoffs were not indicated
  • 3 layoff notices in ELST were rescinded because of 1 retirement and 1 reassignment
  • 4 NR2 faculty members received notice and other non-regulars were notified they would not expect work
  • The provincial government announced on Feb. 19th, 2014, that they will provide one-time “transitional” funding to the institutions to the tune of about $10.5M; Kwantlen’s share of this was $803 000
  • These funds were meant to cover off one extra year of ESL programming for domestic students
  • KPU admin announced that the transitional funding would be used to delay the section cuts and the remaining layoffs were rescinded


Recent events and new cuts, as of March 31, 2015

  • At the time of of the original cuts, institutions were not allowed to charge tuition fees to any developmental or upgrading students (those in ELST, ACP, CCLS and some sections in the Math and Chemistry department)
  • One solution proposed by a number of institutions, including KPU, was to re-institute tuition fees for domestic ESL students
  • Institutions were granted permission to charge domestic ESL students full tuition fees (up to $1200 per semester per student), and shortly thereafter, it was announced that they are also permitted to charge ABE students the same fees
  • The provincial government also at the same time removed the grants the institutions have been receiving to make up for the “lost revenue” as a result of not being allowed to charge ABE students tuition fees; at KPU, this was about $760 000
  • Base funding for ABE has not been affected
  • The KPU Board of Governors, on the advice of senior administrators, approved tuition fees can be charged for domestic ELST students and all upgrading / developmental students including literacy and fundamental level students
  • The reinstatement of tuition fees provided a rationale for cutting 40% of offerings in both ELST and in ACP
  • Layoff notices were issued last week to 17 faculty members in ELST and ACP, to be effective August 28th  
  • All institutions in the province were given the same options as KPU
  • Not all of them have chosen to reinstate tuition fees across the board, and none of them have issued pre-emptive cuts in the way KPU has chosen
  • As of this writing, KPU is still the only institution to have issued layoff notices to faculty members as a result of charging ESL and ABE students tuition fees

Please join us in taking action to help change this situation. Some ways you can help are:

  • Write letters to your MPs and MLAs
  • Visit your MLA’s and MP’s offices (and perhaps hand-deliver your letter), and let them know what you think about these cuts
  • If appropriate, bring this issue to your classes and invite students’ input and action
    Stay tuned for more information about further action.

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