Support for Striking Librarians

Shared on behalf of the BCGEU

Support for Librarians

Our BCGEU Local 702 Librarians recently took a strike vote, 95% in favour, and notice to strike was served to their Employer VIRL on Monday. Their CUPE 401 colleagues have been very supportive.

The Librarians are asking for a fair collective agreement that includes wages that keep up with inflation and a respectful and safe workplace – including solutions to ongoing occupational health and safety issues including workplace violence and disrespectful conditions that are causing systemic mental health impacts.

If you would like to support our job action, sending a letter would be a good way to show support.  Send to The Trustees of the Vancouver Island Regional Library and the ED and the library board. ( and You can also amplify social media posts.

Any support would be greatly appreciated. This is a very difficult and stressful time for our members and it would mean a lot to know they have support.