88th Commemoration of the Battle of Ballantyne Pier

Circulated on behalf of the ILWU Canada and VDLC

The Battle of Ballantyne Pier – June 18, 1935

88th Commemoration – June 18, 2023

ILWU Canada is organizing a small outdoor, COVID-19 friendly, sociality distanced gathering to remember the Battle of Ballantyne Pier. We would be delighted if you could be a part of our honoring the workers involved in the Battle of Ballantyne as we remember the events of June 18, 1935.

This commemoration is to mark the June 18, 1935 Battle of Ballantyne Pier, when striking dock workers were met by mounted police with tear gas and clubs. The Vancouver Province newspaper described it as “the bloodiest hours in waterfront history”.

The struggle on the waterfront was a major blow to the union movement in British Columbia; it affected the future of all unions and helped establish the Labour Laws that are in place today.

The ceremony will be held in New Brighton Park in Vancouver, BC at 11:00am.