Faculty types and Regularization

Types of faculty Positions:

  • Non-regular Type I
    • Part-time only
    • No vacation, PD or benefits
    • Temporary; no job security
  • Non-regular Type II
    • Full or part-time
    • Vacation, PD and benefits
    • Term appointment; no job security
  • Regular
    • Full or part time
    • Vacation, PD and benefits
    • Permanent; layoff protection (see Article 1.04 for details)


  • Means having a right to continuing work (at your regularization level)
  • Gives you access to additional work for which you are qualified, up to 100%
  • Occurs after working 2 years at 50% or more, if ongoing work is reasonably expected to exist, and with satisfactory evaluations

Evaluation of Probationary Faculty:

  • The probationary period is 2 years of full-time work, or equivalent
  • You have a right to clear, timely, and objective feedback about performance
  • Evaluation includes:
    • Peer input
    • Student questionnaire
    • Self-evaluation
    • Mandatory input from dean
  • Two evaluation processes based on employment status
  • Evaluation of probationary faculty is summative