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Standing Up For Access At KPU
The ongoing lack of stability and successive cuts and threats of cuts to the Faculty of Academic and Career Advancement (FACA), specifically to the ELST more
KFacts Newsletters
KFacts FAQ: When Should I ask for KFA Representation? 
By Mark Diotte, Member-at-Large It happens. All of us, from time to time, are called into our Dean or Supervisor’s Office. Sometimes, the subject of discussion is something positive—an opportunity more
KFacts: The KFA, Research, & Scholarly Activity. Part II: Protections & Other Provisions 
By Mark Diotte, Member-at-Large Aside from the Collective Agreement provisions on funding sources for research and scholarly activity discussed in Part I, the KFA has negotiated or advocated for provisions more
KFacts: The KFA, Research, & Scholarly Activity. Part I: Funding 
By Mark Diotte, Member-at-Large One of the questions often brought to the Kwantlen Faculty Association office is, “what is the KFA position on research and scholarly activity?” The response is more
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Ratification Vote Results
Hello KFA members! I am pleased to announce the results of the ratification vote for our new Collective Agreement. The vote results are as follows: more
KFA Statement of Support for Black Lives Matter
Motion: To adopt the following KFA Statement of Solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement  KFA affirms our solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement more
Update: KFA response to the KPU Academic and Operational Continuity Plan
Dear Colleagues, The KFA Table Officers met with the Employer today regarding the recent announcement of KPU’s Academic and Operational Continuity Plan. Specifically, we discussed more