– Forwarding on behalf of ILWU Local 502 –

As of 00:00 Saturday, September 17, 2022, the ILWU Local 502 workers at Westshore Coal Terminals went on strike.

ILWU Local 502 has worked at Westshore Terminals since its inception in 1970. In 52 years, ILWU Local 502 has never had to strike at Westshore. ILWU Local 502 was forced into a historical first time position at Westshore, having to withdraw our labour to get a fair contract.

Westshore Terminals has changed its management style in the past years, directly affecting our Members’ quality of life. Westshore, the largest coal terminal on the west coast of North America, takes coal from British Columbia and Alberta, as well as the Powder River Basin and Montana.

ILWU Local 502 membership in their personal and work lives has faced many difficulties over the past few years, such as working through an unprecedented pandemic, cost of living increases and skyrocketing inflation.

During these difficult years, Westshore Terminals has not suffered and has continued to prosper. Since the beginning of 2021, Westshore Terminals has increased its dividend three times and issued two special dividends.
• Regular Dividend paid in excess of $114,000,000
• Special Dividend paid in excess of $126,000,000
• Total Dividends paid in excess of $240,500,000

ILWU Local 502 is fighting for better working conditions and quality of life for our workforce.

Please support your fellow workers by having your Members come to our picket line at:

1 Roberts Bank Rd, Delta, BC V4M 4G5. When you get to the security gates, press the intercom button and show your drivers license to the camera at the portal.