Compensation for Substitution Work


All faculty work must be compensated work. Period.

You may be aware of a communication that recently went out to several areas in the University. This communication urged faculty members to substitute for colleagues on a voluntary basis, or in other words, to perform additional workload free of charge.

You are not required to do this, and in fact it is a violation of the Collective Agreement.

The Collective Agreement lays out the terms of our employment with KPU, including terms around workload and monetary compensation for all of our workload and additional work, and also terms around the way and the order in which additional work must be assigned.

All substitution work must be compensated.

If you have substituted for a colleague and were *not* compensated, please let us know. Whether this happened this semester or a while ago, you still are entitled to be compensated. We want to ensure that every faculty member who has not been properly compensated for substitution work is made whole, or in other words, is paid correctly according to what they rightfully should have been paid.)


In solidarity,

Diane Walsh.