Important Notice to Faculty of Health KFA Members

Dear KFA Members in the Faculty of Health,

You recently received an email from your Dean’s office asking faculty to read the Remote Working Alone Guidelines and to submit a signed Remote Working Alone Check-In Form, if applicable.

Your KFA is contacting you today to advise you to hold off on completing and returning this form and request to withdraw it if you have already submitted it.

We have several concerns about the guidelines and form as they currently appear. Most importantly, they were not developed in consultation with the KFA. However, the Employer has agreed to work with us on this matter.

KPU has an obligation under the Workers Compensation Act to “ensure the health and safety of all workers.” KPU also has an obligation, under the Act, to “consult and cooperate with the joint committee or worker health and safety representative for the workplace.”

We look forward to working with the Employer to ensure that your rights are upheld and that your health and safety are protected appropriately.

In solidarity,

Your KFA Table Officers

Gillian Dearle, President

Raphael Lagoutin, Vice President, Negotiations

Diane Walsh, Vice President, Grievances

Mark Diotte, Member-at-Large

Betty Cunnin, Member-at-Large

Romy Kozak, Secretary-Treasurer