KFA Art Contest Awards Gala

In support of the Federation of Post-Secondary Educator’s Open The Doors campaign, the KFA held a Multimedia Art Contest on the transformative power of education. Participants were asked to submit a digital image that represents the transformative power of education and a one page written narrative.


KPU Student Awards

Cristian Hobson-Dimas (First place)



Kyler Emerson (Second place)



Keith Harris (Second place)



Melanie Hawes (Second place)



Jenny Chen (Third place)



Donya Sanati (Third place)



Sarah Kenyon (Third place)



Diane Battung (Third place)



Kacia Friesen (Third place)



Cayley Carlson (Third place)



Supreet Chandi (Third place)



Yolanda Leung (Third place)



Kim Ateah (Third place)



Breanna Josephison (Third place)



Pamela DeJong (Honourable mention)



Miranda Enno (Honourable mention)



Andrea Pedro (Honourable mention)



Amiee Risby (Honourable mention)


KPU Alumni Awards


Konstantin Rabinovich



Calvin Tiu




Amy Dyck



Tabitha Swanson



Jesse Leung (Honourable mention)


KPU Employee Awards



Candace Miller



Kyle Jackson



Kira Wu



Julie Merkl



Marsha D’Angelo (Honourable mention)



Heather Lippold (Honourable mention)