KFA October 21 General Meeting Update

Dear Faculty,

Thank you for another wonderful turnout at our October 21, 2020 KFA General Meeting. For those who were unable to attend, we would like to provide the following update.


Introductions and Recognitions

The KFA introduced Brent Calvert, President of the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators and welcomed Lucia Salazar who continues to serve as the FPSE Staff Representative for the KFA. Brent’s presentation about Fair Employment Week can be found here.

The KFA recognized the outstanding contributions and service of Bob Davis, past President of the KFA, and Lesley Burke O’Flynn, previous FPSE Staff Rep and Chief Negotiator for the KFA.


Elections and Open Positions

Please contact us if you are interested in the following open positions with the KFA:

  • Professional & Scholarly Development Committee Representative
  • Labour Community Advocate
  • LMRC Representative for Civic Plaza—please contact us if you have taught and are planning to teach at Civic Plaza

The following positions were acclaimed at the meeting. We thank you for stepping forward to serve our membership. A full list of your KFA representatives can be found here.


Nominee Nominator Position
Mark Diotte Raphael Lagoutin Vice-President, Negotiations
Marc Kampschuur Valeria Warren Langley Campus LMRC Representative
Jane Hobson Avtar Sadhra Richmond Campus LMRC Representative
Marti Alger Jane Hobson Surrey Campus LMRC Representative
Jeff Janzen Emma Baggott Cloverdale Campus LMRC Representative


Bargaining & LOU #13

Bargaining: VP Negotiations, Raphael Lagoutin updated the membership on the status of salary increases and retroactive pay. Since the General Meeting, the Employer has stated that both salary increases and retro pay for most faculty members will be implemented before Christmas. The KFA continues to engage the Employer on making the retro payments earlier than this projected timeline. We are currently in talks with HR and FPSE on this important issue.

LOU #13: The KFA will be reaching out directly to areas where the Employer is seeking a class size increase as part of LOU #13 discussions. At this point, discussions are still preliminary in nature as we await a complete list of exactly which classes the Employer wishes to discuss. Please see the General Meeting Agenda attached to the October 21 meeting invitation or log on to the Members Area for the full VP Negotiations report on bargaining and LOU #13.


Faculty Performance Review Committee

The challenges of Faculty Performance Review in an online teaching and learning environment have been recognized by both the KFA and KPU. Together, the Parties have negotiated a memorandum with guidelines for how Probationary Faculty Performance Reviews will take place in this environment. Please see the General Meeting Agenda attached to the October 21 meeting invitation or log on to the Members Area for the full memorandum on Probationary Faculty Performance Review for Fall 2020.


Covid-19 Working Conditions

  • Worksafe BC regulations and Remote Work checklists, & Working from Home checklists: At this time, we advise faculty not to sign these documents. The KFA is currently working with KPU to ensure that faculty interests are protected. While the Employer is responsible for ensuring a safe work environment, there needs to be a less invasive way of doing so as well as a sunset clause. Further, the inclusion of these documents in personnel files is problematic as is the requirement to have cameras on during meetings. Please look for a KFA-KPU agreed-upon version of these documents to go out to members. Until such time, we advise against signing them.
  • Business Expense Policy: While items such as monitors and chairs can be requested through your Dean’s Office and borrowed until the end of the pandemic, the Employer has made it clear that they are not interested in building home offices for faculty. Items such as lamps and desks will not be covered other than through accommodation processes. The KFA is continuing to advocate for the ability to expense printer ink, but the Employer is insistent that all printing can continue to be done on campus, and that marking can be done digitally.
  • Student Accommodations: It has been brought to our attention that members have been asked to invigilate exams for students with extra exam time accommodations. In the past, Assessment and Testing Services has arranged invigilation for these exams. The KFA is discussing this change of practice with the Employer. If you find yourself in this situation, please contact the KFA.
  • COVID-19 Reporting: It has been brought to our attention that some members have been asked to report COVID-19 cases to the Employer. FPSE has advised us that it is not appropriate for members to disclose a third-party’s medical condition, and that it is optional for a member to self-disclose. Reporting of COVID-19 should be occurring through the Health Authorities and the contact-tracing process. If you have been asked to report COVID-19 cases to the Employer, please contact the KFA.
  • Variance to the recall period: The KFA is negotiating with the Employer for an extended recall period beyond the two year period in Article 7.11. This would affect those members laid off within two years prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Employer seems to agree with this idea in principle, and negotiations are continuing.

KFA Table Officer reports, the full agenda from the General Meeting, and other resources can be found on the KFA website.

In Solidarity,

Your Kwantlen Faculty Association