KFA Statement of Support for Black Lives Matter

Motion: To adopt the following KFA Statement of Solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement 

KFA affirms our solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement in seeking an end to systemic racialized violence.  We acknowledge that racialized violence stems from the global culture and structures of white supremacy rooted in slavery and colonization. We further affirm our acknowledgement of Indigenous Peoples’ rights of self-determination and the ongoing conditions of colonial occupation of Indigenous peoples in their territories around the globe, including the Coast Salish peoples on whose lands our University is located.

We acknowledge our need to listen and learn about how white supremacy informs academia and educational institutions.  We will speak out, take more risks, and engage more with Black, Indigenous and non-white community leaders, activists, and educators.  We acknowledge that our collective struggle must be led by and centered around the most marginalized members of our community.  We will look beyond our comfort and security to ensure that our engagement is directed by Black, Indigenous and non-white peoples.

We will uplift and amplify the voices of those like many of our students and colleagues who are located on the front lines of global struggles for emancipation from the system of capitalist accumulation that is destroying our planet.  We will speak out and take action against forms of state-sponsored violence including the mass criminalization of Black, Indigenous and non-white peoples, structural poverty and Eurocentric education.



KFA Executive


Motion: The KFA will commit financial, technological and pedagogical resources for anti-racist and anti-oppression education and training for KPU faculty and in solidarity with students. These commitments to anti-racism will be reflected in future KFA work plans.