Notice of Motions and Amendments to the KFA Constitution & By-Laws

Dear Kwantlen Faculty Association Members,

In advance of the Spring KFA AGM, we are providing notice of a motion to change dues from 1.95% to 2.20% of gross faculty salary. If passed, this change would mean an approximate increase of $10.96 per pay cheque for a 100% faculty member on the top salary step. The last time we adjusted dues was 15 years ago at the April 2009 AGM. Please go to the Members/minutes area of the KFA website to view a document that provides context for this motion for you to review.

In addition to the notice of motion regarding dues, and in accordance with By-Law 3.4.1, this is notice of changes for By-Laws # 7 & 8:


7.11 Educational Leave

A vacancy created by an Executive Committee Member who has been awarded an Educational Leave will be filled by the following process:

7.11.1  If the Executive Committee Member on Educational Leave does not wish to continue in their role and there is time remaining in their elected term, they will resign from their position, and the vacancy will be filled as per BY-LAW #8: REPLACEMENT

7.11.2   If the Executive Committee Member on Educational Leave wishes to continue in their role and there is time remaining in their elected term after the end of their Educational Leave, then the member will temporarily step down from their position and the KFA Executive will make a replacement appointment as per BY-LAW #8: REPLACEMENT for the duration of the Educational Leave at which point the incumbent will resume the remainder of their original elected term.


8.1         If the office of Vice-President—Grievances, Vice-President—Negotiations, Member(s)–at-Large, or Secretary-Treasurer becomes vacant, the Executive Committee shall appoint a member of the Association to serve until the next meeting of the voting members of the Association, subject to the restrictions of Article 7.1 & 7.11 of the By-Laws, according to the following procedures:

• The President shall recommend an appointee to the Executive Committee.

• The Executive Committee members shall also have the opportunity to put forward nominations.

• The Executive Committee shall vote to confirm, or in the event there is more than one candidate, elect the appointee.

MOTION: To approve the changes to By-Law #7 and #8 as recommended by the Executive.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Mark Diotte, President