Spring 2020 KFA Election Results

Originally sent May 15, 2020

Dear Members,

Our Annual General Meeting was held on April 30, 2020. In accordance with our Constitution and By-Laws, elections have been concluded.

An online election was held for the positions of KFA President and KFA Member-at-Large. The candidates for the President position were Bob Davis and Gillian Dearle. The elected candidate was Gillian Dearle. The candidates for the Member-at-Large position were Betty Cunnin and Danny Tones. The elected candidate was Betty Cunnin.

We are pleased to have a complete slate of representatives to the KFA Executive. Here are our representatives in the following positions:

Name Position
Gillian Dearle President
Raphael Lagoutin Vice-President, Negotiations
Betty Cunnin Member-at-Large
Kathy Dunster Science & Horticulture Representative
Panteli Tritchew Business Representative
Gail Hills Faculty of Health Representative
Lesley Pollard School of Design Representative
Steve Weber Humanities Representative (1 year term)
Logan Masilammani Non-Regular Faculty Representative
Cherylynn Bassani Status of Women Representative
George Broderick Education Policy Committee Representative
Kristie Dukewich Occupational Health & Safety Committee Representative
Marc Kampschuur Pension Advisory Committee Representative
Heather Harrison 1 Professional & Scholarly Development Committee Representative


On behalf of the KFA, please join us in thanking all of those who have agreed to stand for positions in the KFA executive.

Mark Diotte, Member-at-Large

Officer Responsible for the Election


[1] Subsequently vacated