Update: KFA response to the KPU Academic and Operational Continuity Plan

Dear Colleagues,

The KFA Table Officers met with the Employer today regarding the recent announcement of KPU’s Academic and Operational Continuity Plan.

Specifically, we discussed the statement made in the May 14th message from the KPU President that “we will continue with remote asynchronous delivery of the majority of classes for Fall 2020.” In addition, we advocated for members’ academic freedom to choose how best to deliver their courses, and that the Employer produce a Fall timetable to assist faculty in planning synchronous activities.

The Employer acknowledged the necessity for further internal consultation within KPU and has committed to clarifying the statement cited above.

The KFA will continue to engage with the Employer on this issue, and we will keep you informed. To support these efforts, the KFA Political Action Committee (PAC) will be sending out a message to encourage members to take action through KPU governance processes and to gain further input from members regarding synchronous/asynchronous delivery.

In Solidarity,

Bob Davis, Diane Walsh, Raphael Lagoutin, Romy Kozak, Mark Diotte and Betty Cunnin