Update on Over-Enrollment Grievance

Hello Colleagues,

Despite ongoing discussion and our best efforts to come to agreement with the Employer on our over-enrollment grievance, we must inform you that the parties have not reached agreement. The KFA is advancing the grievance to FPSE for arbitration.

The Employer has maintained that they have the right to over-enroll classes up to the “stable enrollment date” and that so long as class size is within limits as of that date, they are satisfied. As far as we can determine, class size limits are presently correct for Fall 2018; however, there is no guarantee they will remain correct, and if the Employer sees fit, they will be increased.

We maintain that over-enrollments at any point violate the Agreement and violate workload provisions. Furthermore, we can imagine no way to guarantee classes will return to correct limits after over-enrollment except by forcibly ejecting some of the registered students, an action that would be surely be harmful to all of us in multiple ways.

The issues underlying the Employer’s actions are issues of enrollment management, and registration and wait-listing processes that don’t seem to be working. Collectively agreed faculty workloads should not be violated as a quick fix to these systemic issues.

Carrying a grievance to arbitration is a process that will take some time, but we will do our best to ensure it proceeds as efficiently as possible. We will continue to keep you informed as to its progress. 


In solidarity,


Diane Walsh

Bob Davis

Romy Kozak

Raphael Lagoutin

Suzanne Pearce