Update on the Over-Enrollment Grievance

Dear Colleagues,

This is to update you on the over-enrollment grievance.

We are very happy to be able to tell you that the Employer has committed in writing to refrain from over-enrolling classes without the KFA’s consent. We have received a revised Step 3 grievance memo specifying that commitment. This is a big step forward in this matter, and we are satisfied with this commitment to refrain from over-enrolling classes.

The matter of compensation for those faculty members who were subjected to over-enrolled classes this past summer remains outstanding, but the Employer has also committed to proceeding in good faith to address this. The KFA will be meeting with the Employer as soon as possible to finalize the matter and ensure all faculty get compensated.

All your support throughout this difficult grievance process has been very helpful, and we thank you for it.

We will keep you informed.

In solidarity,


Your KFA officers:

Bob Davis

Diane Walsh

Raphael Lagoutin

Suzanne Pearce

Romy Kozak