Save Our Sailors!

-Circulated on behalf of ILWU Local 400-

The Port of Vancouver is awarding contracts to companies that are lowering wages across the board, leaving ILWU tugboat workers out-to-dry.

CEO Robin Silvester has stepped down and we need to make sure interim President and CEO Victor Pang steps up for tugboat workers and our BC communities. Now, after longshore workers showed the Port executives how much they depend on workers, we have an opportunity to make sure tugboat workers aren’t left behind either.

The new CEO needs public support. The executive team isn’t accountable to shareholders, they are accountable to the Ministry of Transportation – and ultimately, that means us. If we can build enough momentum and support from people like you, we can show them they’ll lose public support unless they step up for workers.

Add your name to protect good jobs for tugboat workers at the Port of Vancouver before it’s too late.