Sign and Share the Petition to Support ILSC Teachers

Circulated on behalf of FPSE

On March 17,2020, most of members of ETEA – 1 (Teachers at ILSC) received lay off notices. This was expected as it was the beginning of the pandemic.

Normally, their recall rights are for one year. This, under normal conditions, is plenty of time. In the current situation, this means that many of the teachers are going to be terminated permanently….40% by July, and nearly 90% by the end of October.

We have been running a campaign to pressure ILSC to extend our recall rights until the end of the pandemic. They have extended their Toronto location’s recall rights to 24 months and every other unionized school in Vancouver has had their rights extended until the end of the pandemic.

We have filed a section 54 complaint with the LRB and are hopeful to sit down for mediation before the end of March.

Could you please help us by circulating our message and the petition below? We could really use your support.

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