Spring 2021 VDLC Workshops

Our Winter/Spring 2021 VDLC Education Series is winding down with our last 2 classes.

Privacy Rights in the Workplace – Thursday May 20 via Zoom

9:30am to 4:00pm

Instructor: James Baugh, Kestrel Workplace Legal Counsel LLP

This course uses case law reviews to examine the privacy rights of employees in the workplace, the limits on employer interference with those rights, and the possible remedies for impermissible interference with those rights. Areas covered will include workplace surveillance, employer monitoring of computer use, internet and emails, permissible employee use of electronic communications and equipment at work, the perils and pitfalls of social networking, restrictions on access to medical information and drug testing and monitoring. The course will also discuss Supreme Court of Canada decisions on drug testing and publicizing personal information on the internet.

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Charter Rights in the Workplace – Wednesday June 2 via Zoom

9:30am to 4:00pm

Instructors: Leo McGrady, Koskie Glavin Gordon and Craig Bavis, Victory Square Law Office LLP

In recent years, the Supreme Court of Canada, and some lower courts, have confirmed important rights for Canadian unions and their members. Significantly, these include Freedom of Expression (picketing, leafletting, protest, privacy rights) and Freedom of Association (the right to organize, bargain and strike). Decisions regarding Bill 29 in the health care sector, the Harper government’s back-to-work order against postal workers and the BC Teachers’ Federation win over the right to negotiate class size and composition, all combine to establish these Charter Rights. The implications of these decisions reach into every workplace, both in the public and private sector. This course provides an overview of Charter Rights, key decisions for unions, and how these cases can be used to advance our collective interests.

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