Tri-Cities Pride Society: Support Needed for September 20

Shared on behalf of TriCities Pride

Tri-Cities Pride Society to hold counter protest, amplifying support for the LGBTQ2AIS+ community, and to combat SOGI misinformation.

Determined to stand up against hate, and combat misinformation on SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity), the Tri-Cities Pride Society plans to counter-protest the misinformed “Hands off Our Kids” group.

“Anti-SOGI protests are dangerous” says the Tri-Cities Pride Society. “By opposing policies and initiatives that promote inclusive education and protection of LGBTQ2AIS+ rights, they are promoting the increased stigmatization and marginalization of our communities. It also causes direct harm to LGBTQ2AIS+ youth when they see public opposition to the protection of their emotional wellbeing in schools.”

The Society is also very worried that groups like “Hands off Our Kids” target vulnerable parents with misinformation, spreading falsehoods about what is happening in our schools.

“Our education system plays a crucial role in ensuring that all students feel safe and included. SOGI-inclusive education is about students having conversations about the SOGI diversity in society and the importance of treating everyone with dignity and respect.”

Accurate information on what SOGI is and how is used in our schools can be found on this website:

The Tri-Cities Pride Society expects our community to be safe, accurately informed, and inclusive for all regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

“We will be present on September 20th, raising our Pride Flags proudly, providing SOGI pamphlets in a variety of languages, demonstrating to the LGBTQ2AIS+ community (especially youth) that they are loved, they belong, and we will always stand up for them!”

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