Workers Deserve Better

Shared on behalf of the BC Federation of Labour


Workers’ compensation is broken.

For two years, the BC government has had a report in their hands detailing the changes needed to fix the Workers’ Compensation Board. But they haven’t acted on it.

We can’t keep injured workers waiting any longer. It’s time for action.

Speak out for action

What’s wrong with the WCB:

It deals with injured workers using a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach
It ignores medical advice and rushes them back to work before they’re ready
It treats injured workers as adversaries, without personal or cultural respect
We know how to fix it. A comprehensive review of the WCB two years ago made detailed recommendations for the kind of sweeping change injured workers need. But the provincial government hasn’t done anything with it.

It’s time for action. Now — before any more workers have to suffer.