Fall 2021 Bargaining Update

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

Please find the attached Fall 2021 Bargaining Update: 2021 Fall Bargaining Update

Fall 2021 KFA Bargaining Highlights

At the November 25th, 2021, KFA General Meeting, membership approved the Bargaining Priorities for the 2022 round. Thank you to all who were able to attend. The Priorities are available in the Members Area of the KFA Website should you wish to view them.

Members also passed several bargaining-related motions including a motion to raise the cap of the KFA Defense fund and a motion to transfer a modest amount of money into the KFA Defense fund. These motions will help prepare us for this next round of negotiations and beyond.

I am pleased to announce our Negotiating Committee

  • Mark Diotte, Chair
  • Gillian Dearle, Ex-officio
  • Raphael Lagoutin, Trades & Technology Representative
  • Diane Walsh, Qualifying Studies & Access Representative
  • Seema Ahluwalia, Status of Women Representative
  • Kristie Dukewich, Social Sciences Representative

Thank you to all who have stepped forward to serve on the Negotiating Committee for the next round of bargaining.

Further Bargaining Information

  • Hosted two open consultation meetings with faculty on March 4th and 9th Approximately 20-25 people attended to discuss priorities ranging from benefits to equity to research to retirement/post-65 benefits
  • April 29, 2021: Working Conditions Committee is established at the KFA AGM. The Working Conditions Committee members are:
    • Mark Diotte Chair
    • Gillian Dearle Ex-officio
    • Betty Cunnin Science & Horticulture Representative
    • Rachelle Hollaway School of Business Representative
    • Raphael Lagoutin Trades & Technology Representative
    • Diane Walsh Qualifying Studies & Access Representative
    • Kathy Fitzpatrick Non-Regular Faculty Representative
    • Lucie Gagne Wilson School of Design Representative
    • Seema Ahluwalia Status of Women Representative
    • Kristie Dukewich Social Sciences Representative
    • Robert Dearle Humanities Representative
    • Angela Ryan Learner Support/Co-op WCC Representative
  • May-November 2021:
    • WCC Representatives begin gathering, brainstorming, and collecting information from members; KFA Table Officers beginning gathering information from past rounds, grievance processes, ongoing concerns, and the FPSE Bargaining Coordination Committee (BCC).
    • WCC Representatives develop the 2021 KFA Bargaining Survey.
  • October 20-29th, 2021: 2021 KFA Bargaining Survey is live. 266 members responded to the survey.
  • November 1-10th: WCC Representatives review the collected information from membership, review the survey results, and draft the 2021 KFA Bargaining Priorities for recommendation to the KFA Executive and general membership.
  • November 10th: Draft Bargaining Priorities motion to recommended is presented to the KFA Executive. Motion carries.
  • November 25th, 2021, Bargaining Priorities are brought to KFA membership for approval. Motion carries and the Bargaining Priorities are approved.
  • Negotiating Committee is established (see above).

FPSE Bargaining Coordination Committee (BCC) (Provincial)

  • This committee meets every month and is composed of representatives from all FPSE locals as well as reps from FPSE. We last met on November 4th, 2021. Our next meeting is December 2nd.
  • BCC continues to discuss coordinated strategy, timing, and leverage in relation to the next round of bargaining
  • Some of the items BCC is working on include:
    • Identifying common priorities in order to coordinate our strategy at the bargaining table
    • Reviewing public sector bargaining to identify where and how the most significant gains have been made in the past
    • Creating a “Bargaining Network” of bargainers, presidents, and bargaining coordinators to build sector solidarity, coordination, and strategy
    • Working on language analysis and model language for bargaining

In Solidarity,

Mark Diotte

VP, Negotiations,

Kwantlen Faculty Association