Notice of Amendments to the KFA Constitution and By-Laws

Dear Kwantlen Faculty Association Members,

In accordance with By-Law 3.4.1, this is notice of changes for By-Laws #4.1.3, #5.6. #5.6.1, #5.6.2, #7.0, #7.3, #


Proposed wording changes for By-Law #4.1.3

4.1.3       Executive Representatives, to be elected by, and representative of, the following faculty groups:

  1. Science/Applied Science Studies/Horticulture
  2. Humanities
  3. Social Sciences
  4. Business
  5. School of Design
  6. Faculty of Health
  7. Trades/Technology
  8. Learner Support/Co-op
  9. Qualifying Studies and Access
  10. Non-Regular Faculty
  11. Status of Women
  12. Decolonization, Reconciliation & Indigenization (elected at large)


Proposed wording changes for By-Law #5.6, #5.6.1, and #5.6.2

5.6      Members-at-Large

5.6.1   One or more The Members-at-Large is anare independent elected Table Officers of the Association who assists the President, Vice-President—Grievance, Vice-President-Negotiations in carrying out their duties.

5.6.2   The duties and priorities of the Members-at-Large shall be determined by the Table Officers.


Proposed wording changes for By-Law #7

7.0      Election of Table Officers shall be at large and for two-year terms. The President and Vice-President-Negotiations shall be elected to take office in an alternate year from the Vice-President—Grievances, the Secretary-Treasurer, and the Member-at-Large. Vice-President – Grievances, the Secretary-Treasurer, and one Member-at-Large shall be elected to take office in an alternate year from the President, Vice-President – Negotiations, and additional Member-at-Large (if applicable).


Proposed wording changes for By-Law #7.3

7.3      The Executive Representatives shall be elected by their constituencies for a two (2) year term with fifty percent (50%) to be elected in alternate years. The following positions shall be elected in even-numbered years: Science/Applied Science Studies and Horticulture, Business, Faculty of Health, School of Design, Status of Women, and Non-Regular. The following positions shall be elected in odd-numbered years: Humanities, Trades and Technology, Social Sciences, Qualifying Studies and Access, Learner Support/Co-op., and Decolonization, Reconciliation & Indigenization (elected at large).


Proposed wording changes for By-Law #       One Non-Regular Faculty Representative to be elected at a General Meeting or by electronic ballot, by, and to be representative of all non-regular faculty, at least six (6) months prior to the expiry date of the Collective Agreement. This Representative may be referred to as “WCC Non-Regular Representative” as distinct from the “Executive Non-Regular Representative” defined elsewhere in the By-Laws.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Raphael Lagoutin, Vice-President, Negotiations

Officer Responsible for the Election